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E-bikes FAQ

We are pleased to answer your questions, if you don't find the answer to your question please contact our Customer Service.

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Who is Velorapida?

Velorapida is a company based in Milan, Italy, founded in Spring 2013 by two friends and entrepreneurs. They noticed that the world of electric bikes was ignoring aesthetics: cables and batteries were too prominent, and new ideas were few and far between. From an idea to a reality: in cooperation with an Italian manufacturer we created a range of e-bikes starting from the vintage look, respecting design and classical elegance and completing it with state of the art technology.

Successful from the beginning, we are continuously working on product development and innovative solutions.


Where can I buy a Velorapida?

Our bikes are sold exclusively online. In our store you can find you can find photos, technical features and accessories for every model, both for our traditional e-bikes and for the new e-bikes VeloPlus, with the all-in-one hub by ZeHus.

For additional customizations please contact us.


What is exactly a e-bike or pedelec?

E-bikes are commonly called also pedelec. European directive 2002/24/EC (Article 1, point h) defines pedelec as “cycles with pedal assistance which are equipped with an auxiliary electric motor” having the following characteristics:

-      maximum continuous rated power of 0.25 kW;

-      output is progressively reduced and finally cut off as the vehicle reaches a speed of 25 km/h;

-      output is cut off sooner than 25 km/h if the cyclist stops pedalling.


Vehicles that meet these characteristics do not require homologation and are considered to be, for all intents and purposes, traditional bicycles. As such, they do not require insurance, registration/plate or a license. Conversely, if a vehicle does not meet these characteristics, it cannot be treated like a bicycle and would, therefore, require homologation and registration.


What type of battery do you use?

We use high quality 36-volt, 10.4 ah lithium batteries with Samsung or Panasonic cells. They have a rated autonomy of 60 km under standard usage conditions (i.e. flat roads and uninterrupted use at 50-60 pedal strokes per minute and a passenger weight of no more than 90 kg).

They are easy to remove, weigh just 2.8 kg and take maximum 6 hours for a full recharge, which can be done everywhere with the appropriate charger provided with the e-bike. Also partial recharge is possible and it is not necessary to wait until the battery is low to recharge it.


Which frames and components do you use?

We use steel frames manufactured in Italy, thereby ensuring greater quality, durability and safety. We use only the best brands of V-brakes, Calliper and coaster brakes, which are selected specifically for the characteristics of each model of bike.

The motorized wheels are assembled by hand using reinforced spokes, and the rims are manufactured in Italy, too, using steel for rod-actuated brakes and aluminium for other brake types.

All other components are made in Italy such as rims, spokes and leather parts. On most models we propose saddles by Brooks, the leading European manufacturer of leather saddles.

For more information please check the technical specifications listed in each product.


Does a pedelec work uphill, too?

Definitely, and it’s one of the reasons people buy them. However, you need to take into account the gradient and the weight of the rider when determining how much the motor will help. In any case the effort required is much lower than the one required by traditional bicycles. A man of average weight can easily take on gradients of 15-20%.

VeloPlus e-bikes are recommended for gradient up to 7-8%. In case of climbs the use of the e-bike in the hybrid modes Bike+, when the slope sensor is active and the system "knows" that a higher pedal assistance is needed.


Who can provide maintenance/assistance for my Velorapida?

The mechanical parts of your Velorapida can be repaired or checked at any bike repair shop. Periodical checks of brakes and tires pressure are recommended, as for any bike.

The electric parts are also easily maintained or repaired, in case of need following our instructions.


What are operating costs?

An accurate estimate is difficult to make because it depends a lot on the speed, on the level of pedal assistance, on the weight of the rider and on the slope. Nevertheless giving a rough estimate of € 1 for 10 recharges, it corresponds to approximately € 1 every 500 km. Definitely much less than for a scooter or any other means of transport.


How do you deliver the bikes?

Your Velorapida will be delivered fully assembled and ready to use, with few km covered by our quality control department.

The cost of shipment is automatically included in the order confirmation and varies according to the delivery address you indicated in your shopping cart.

For shipments outside Europe please contact us and we will provide the quotation of transport.

Read our Sales conditions.


How long will I have to wait to receive my Velorapida?

Velorapida electric bicycles are handcrafted following each specific customer request. If the model ordered is available at stock, it will be shipped within 5-7 days from the order confirmation. Otherwise it will be manufactured and shipped within 4 weeks from the order confirmation.

In case of additional customizations, our Customer Service will confirm the estimated delivery terms within 3 working days from your order.


Can I request other customizations not shown on your web site?

Velorapida offers its customers the highest flexibility, as all our e-bikes are handcrafted and produced in our workshop by specialised artisans. We selected a range of models, frames, colours and accessories following our taste and with the aim to create a unique collection of electric bicycles with vintage flair.

Nevertheless in case you wish to customize your e-bike further, we are happy to assist you and find the most suitable solution. Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service and ask for more information.


What guarantee do you provide?

All products sold by Velorapida S.r.l. have a 2-years guarantee covering manufacturing defects. The guarantee does not cover damages resulting from improper use or alteration of the bicycle or its accessories. Velorapida declines all direct or indirect responsibility for damages caused by the improper use of the products we sell.


The date of the sales invoice - provided to the customer when the product is delivered - is to be used to demonstrate the validity of the warranty.


What is your return policy?

Online sales of products are governed by the Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011.

Read more (link)


Didn’t we answer your questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Live chat or send us an email to ask@velorapida.com. We’ll be happy to answer you personally.